So, adjusted for inflation, you bought a $9000 car, had a $320/mo car payment, paid $135/mo for insurance, and paid $1.77 for a gallon of gas. »10/24/13 12:29pm10/24/13 12:29pm

My strategy was to design a track that both tugged at my heartstrings and satiated my inclination towards pragmatism. Conceptual racetracks can often be wonderful things, but if they’re too fantastic in nature it can make it difficult to truly imagine the track in your mind as a real possibility and, more importantly,… »9/11/13 5:37pm9/11/13 5:37pm

Tutorials Moved


I moved my car articles from my personal blog to the oppo blog so they are much easier to find. Just look up the Tutorials tag whenever you want them.  Also, this allows others to participate.  Also, to compensate for this blatant repost, here is a picture dump of drawings I have done... in order of newest to oldest. »2/15/13 3:08pm2/15/13 3:08pm