Heyo, blast from the past! The mid-engined sketch is absolutely bonkers and I love it, especially the grille. I think you nailed the presence that the thing should have with the rest of them, though, and I also think you're on to something with all of the grille treatments. Continental concept could stand to have some… » 4/01/15 12:52am Today 12:52am

Well, we’re making some headway on slimming down the visual mass of front-ends, but my god, the rear half is a goddamned mess in keeping with current design trends. » 4/01/15 12:43am Today 12:43am

I've driven a couple of those giant Penskes and they're actually pretty decent to drive. In my experience Penske keeps a much newer fleet than U-Haul does, and the big stuff doesn't get beat to hell the same way the smaller vans do, so they're generally in better shape and nicer inside. » 3/30/15 12:15pm Monday 12:15pm

Car shouldn't have any problems so long as you keep an eye on your coolant levels, like ttyymmnn said, a modern car won't need a second thought. » 3/27/15 12:27am Friday 12:27am

That reminds me of a project I worked on early in my career. I'm a CPA and I work exclusively in the valuation of businesses, generally privately-held ones. Part of that involves doing valuations for tax purposes, which means our ultimate review comes from the IRS. » 3/26/15 6:24pm Thursday 6:24pm


Courtesy of our friends at DailyTurismo. $25k, located in Chicago. http://www.dailyturismo.com/2015/03/20k-sh... » 3/26/15 10:07am Thursday 10:07am

JR Hildebrand stirring the oppopot (oppot?)

Because of tiny kinja pictures: "As it relates to streetcars generally - I have NEVER required the extra .1sec my car would have from 0-60 w an auto" and "is it really that significant of a loss to be a tad slower on the shifts for a track day?" » 3/25/15 3:39pm 3/25/15 3:39pm

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